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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

An Egg For Easter

What's It Wednesday #159
It's that time of year, SPRING, a time of renewal and rebirth. The egg is a perfect symbol, for from its fragile shell springs life.

 In Russia during the 1800's it became the custom to give dyed eggs as gifts at Easter, their most holy time of the year. In the upper classes, the dyed eggs gave way to eggs made with precious stones.

 Some of the best known Easter eggs are those commissioned by Tsar Alexander III for his wife the Empress Maria Fedorovna and their son Nicholas II. Nicholas II continued the tradition after his father's death, commissioning eggs for his mother and wife, Empress Alexandra Fedorovna. These fabulous creations were the work of Peter Carl Fabergé, goldsmith to the Imperial Court.

Each egg took a year or more to make and contained lavish jewels and tiny surprises inside. In all 50 eggs were created from 1885-1916, with only 43 being found to date.

Now I wish I had one handcrafted by the great man himself, but I love the one I have just the same.

Besides the lovely panels painted on all sides,

The surprise inside is a pretty basket of white enameled flowers with diamond and ruby centers. The basket winds and plays a beautiful tune.

Mine was purchased through Bloomingdale's, about 15 years ago, and is still

an egg for Easter, whether dyed, painted or jeweled, is always a good idea.

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