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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Southern Comfort

What's It Wednesday #165
The stars aligned for this post. First, the temperature hit 90 degrees on the first of May. Seriously? August is still three months away and we're already at 90 degrees!?

In the south, the drink to cool off with is a tall glass of iced tea.

Now real southern iced tea requires an insane amount of sugar, fresh squeezed lemon, and Luzianne tea. Let it steep for about 15 minutes for a nice strong tea that can handle all that sugar!

Next, stunned by the heat, I stumbled into my favorite antique shop to cool off. As I browsed the aisles thinking of a nice refreshing drink, my eyes fell upon the perfect compliment to my daydream.

Six silver sippin' spoons, just what every tea lover needs! Perfect for sipping your iced tea and stirring all that sugar. There's an opening on the bowl back and the shaft is hollow.

Ahh! Now that's Southern Comfort, of which you can add a splash or two if you like (wink, wink).
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